Essay on Democracy: Advantage And Disadvantages

Democracy is the system of government composed of people’s representatives. It is an indirect way of ruling the country by the citizens. People create the authority of government by casting votes for their representatives and making them win. It is the creation of a government of a state by the people working for the welfare of the people. Sovereignty, autonomy, and equality are the major components of democracy. The rules come from the general people instead of the military or colonies that safeguard national interests.

Cleisthenes is the Father of Democracy from ancient Greece who laid down the foundation of democracy. By this time, 167 countries are the democratic one because it gives freedom to raise the voice of the public. Democracy is helpful to the country as it respects individual perspectives through the system of voting. The personal involvement made it possible for forming the government. The issues relating to exploitation ends and minorities are not ignored or affected. The concept of equality can flourish through democratic government. The government is consistent and economically practical. There can be the minimization of armed conflicts and patriotism flourishes in a nation. There occurs negligence for extremism and encouragement for centrism. The monopoly of authority is not possible as the common purpose is to promote national interest.

The trend of manipulating the uneducated citizens and keeping them in favor for the sake of being the elected representative. This is a disadvantage of democracy that it creates an unhealthy competition between the probable representatives. The majority might not be correct every time. There is a risk of conflict of interest within the government. There has to be the encouragement of Mob rule and the implementation of changes is time-consuming. Democracy instigates bribery and corruption. The administration should focus on quality instead of the quantity that hinders the development and stability of a nation. The immoral practices during the election are common and create an unhealthy environment in the state for the position of authority.

As a whole, the quantity must hold a quality decision for a successful democracy. There can be a high risk of autocratic government if the representatives change their purpose. Unmanaged elections and violations of the right to vote must end for smooth democracy and the excelling state of a nation.