Essay on Dowry: Impact And Solution

Dowry is the gift given to the daughter by her family during the time of her marriage. Commonly, it has been a marriage settlement act where a bride takes property or money to the groom’s family during the time of marriage. It can be in the form of jewelry, estates, or cash that goes to the husband’s family during her wedding. But in reality, that is something a bride carries along with her as it is a part of her parental property she gets on her name.

The Dowry system has been deeply rooted in our society where marriage has been a big responsibility, especially for the bride’s family. This is because they get charged with heavy costs during the ceremony for the sake of having a happy life for their daughter. There is an end for these practices in various cities but traditional society and communities still give them preference. This is what creates a limitation of gender equality to theories and the trend of taking daughters as a burden still exists.

Dowry is the main cause of creating a social class in society. The economically sound people have been threatening the lower income group as a compulsion imposing heavy investment and criteria. The illiterate society has not been able to overcome its state of boasting one’s wealth and competing unnecessarily in the name of culture. It creates a significant impact on society and innocent girls who are not well treated from their birth. Despite educating their girls, they get used to the household chores that gradually decline the enhancement of a state in various ways.  

The ultimate solution for this evil practice is education to minimize the practice of unnecessary culture. There has to be an improvement of strict rules to avoid violation of laws and illegal activity. The theories of equality and literacy can be practically applicable in every kind of society. As education brings out the realization among the people to distinguish between good and bad, right or wrong, and develops decision-making capacity. Encouraging girls to have their career would make a difference in society and add an unerasable quality among them which is far more precious than property.

Hence, it is necessary to promote an educational environment to create a state of equality. The evil practices and threats in the name of culture must end and dowry should not be a compulsion. Gifting a daughter from the parental acquisition property is not made but making it a compulsion for the groom’s family is worse.