Essay on Effect of better personality in life

Better personality has always been an adjective while describing a gentleman or a genuine lady. In simple words, personality is the combination of influencing behavior, moral character, impressive gestures, and uniqueness of being presentable. The perception of rating one’s personality differs from individual to individual but has always been the major one while creating an impression on. Personality is majorly composed of nature and nurture factors. People say that a positive personality is a jewel for an individual that gets embraced in every phase and situation of life.

Personality is the key factor that determines success and failure for an individual. Directness, extraversion, dutifulness, agitation as well as agreeableness are some of the components that determine personality whereas choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic, and sanguine were some types of personality suggested by proto-psychological theory. The character one is born with determines the nature of an individual influenced by nature but unaffected even if we impose amendments. Nurture is the grooming environment given to the individual during their growth by family as well as society. Upbringing, social values, religious stigmas, and social institutions are some of the nurturing factors for a child. As the personality gets affected by these factors, the effect of a better personality gets noticed in these fields itself as they are the open platform an individual performs throughout their life.

Quality of life is an accomplishment that comes with a better personality. We cannot achieve the standard when we don’t have genuine habits of interacting with the situations and dealing with daily necessities. A better personality gives us better exposure to job opportunities as well as an uplifting platform that allows an individual to have better networking with influencing people. Better personality makes us an interesting one to deal with. In the absence of it, we cannot approach better jobs, happy individuals that consequently makes our personality life as a boring one. This leads to traumatic events and depressing situations in life as humans usually don’t get satisfaction with the achievements they are living with. Therefore, a better personality creates significant effects in making a person interesting and allows them to achieve the quality of life with multiple exposures to higher platforms and facilities.  

Personality comes with physical presentation, communication skills, and intellectual capacities. The good impression remains once you have a better personality which is a necessity to exist yourself in the situation in a longer one. Relating it with a life partner or a secure job, society to live in or a networking circle to stay within, personality is what determines our existence. In the absence of good faith, you cannot succeed whereas in presence of genuineness you deserved admiration. People notice the effect of a better personality in the profession. An individual cannot succeed without a good profession. The negative attitudes will degrade the professional career of an individual. Thus, there has to be a better personality to excel in life. 

As a whole, nature-nurture has been an unending debate that determines the personality of an individual. But the personality one carries with themselves determines their ways of feeling in life. Positive attitude and a better personality bring glory and joy whereas negative attitude brings negligence and demotivation. The personality of an individual affects personal as well as professional life. This is why optimism gets acceptance and positive vibes generate with a habit of being sincere and grateful towards the opportunities we are provided within life.