Essay on Gender Inequality: Cause And Solution

In the first place, gender refers to the biological division made by a society based on their sex. Sexual variation is what one individual is born with whereas gender roles are the one that gets into the brain of the individual with being nurtured by their families and society. .Gender inequality is the discrimination done to the individual based on their sex where the society dominates one and focuses on the other one. 

Secondly, gender discrimination is the outcome of society. The educated mind will not think about the variations based on the sex but the semi-literate or illiterate people hold a lot of misconceptions regarding one’s biological process or physical ability which makes them create the situation of gender inequality. Thus, the major cause of gender inequality is illiteracy or ignorance of the fact the humans are the same just with biological differences in the form of male, female, and others.

In addition to this,  superstition or blind faith in cultural values causes gender equality. The people have been so dipped in the culture that a lot of mispractice is being followed in the name of culture. The practice of unequal payment or property rights also causes gender inequality as the patriarchal society always prioritizes males for every opportunity. Lack of awareness about the difference between sex and gender in rural areas also creates gender inequality.

We have come to the phase of civilization where technology and science are flourished more than myths and beliefs. In this time, gender inequality should have only existed in history instead of the current scenario. The ultimate solution for eliminating gender inequality is education where the rural areas should know about biological and socially created variations. The awareness activity and the habit of ignoring the facts should extinct to create a favorable situation for an individual to grow.

Further, women empowerment also plays a vital role to drop gender inequality. Living in a patriarchal society, almost every field lacks female participation that makes them deprived of basic needs and requirements. Women’s empowerment would make them capable of deciding for themselves and being self-reliant to carry out individual decision-making ability. Besides, the elimination of gender inequality is possible when the reserved gender gets priority and opportunities to grow better.

To summarise it all, the social stigmas or limitations like the wife in the kitchen and husband in the business, and the trend of unbiased habits or focussed on interest should flourish from childhood. The world can be a better place to live in only when one learns to live as an individual instead of a male or a female with the original biological feature they are born with.