Essay on Importance of Happiness

To begin with, happiness is an emotion or a feeling one gets within him/her rather than the society makes them feel. From having a variation between an individual who wakes up early to follow the yoga routine and the person who loves waking up late in the morning, happiness is what a soul achieves after body functions. It is also known as cheerfulness or pleasure as an outcome of one’s acts and activity. They say that one cannot get happier with no reason but even a little effort makes a difference from changing the mood of an individual. The satisfaction obtained within oneself is a form of happiness.

In our day to day life or rush hour, we keep emotions aside and focus on the reality of life where work follows us and we follow the cash. The struggle for surviving has made us forget what living life feels like. It is not wrong to say that work can make an individual happy but there has satisfaction with them after work. It’s either a hobby or a desired profession, happiness comes with one’s confinement and gratification. The feeling of being good and growing better is what makes people happy. The state where the desires and wishes get fulfilled makes people happy. The cheerful mood makes a longer life too as they live a life with reasonable stress external refreshments.

Besides this, happiness makes less stress and increases working behavior as well. A little refreshment and break from tedious jobs please one’s need for entertainment and develops the employee’s attitude. This means one’s personal as well as professional life gets better with happiness. Optimism comes with happiness. The positive attitudes enhanced in an individual when being happy become a habit. Happy people spread smiles. This makes the environment healthy and fine as there occurs a co-operative environment to work on. The helpful behavior of an individual is a wise characteristic that adds up to one’s personality.

Further, family life is fruitful with happiness. The childhood whims and couple interests when fulfilled are the symbols of happiness as it resides within them. Happiness reduces aggression or anxiety in people which makes them less violent and more cooperative to deal with. Happiness is necessary for achievement in life. The interrupted path blocks the life goals too. Happiness spread positive aspirations around and developed the work motive and made one focussed on their tasks. Thus, a successful life is not possible when one lives in anxiety, aggression, depression, or lethargy for which happiness becomes an ultimate solution. 

Omit, the attainment of happiness is not easy. The realization of self-happiness comes from the fusion of mind and soul. The habit of complaining about what we don’t have instead of thanking for what we have never allowed satisfaction to foster within us. Thus, it is important to be realistic and practical with life to flourish positive vibes and satisfaction within us. Lucky are the ones who learn happiness within small gestures and little improvements. Life could get better when the profession is forwarded, personal life is secured and hobbies are embraced as they matter for happiness. Remember, happiness has to flow within us as a norm.