The Medicine, Important Notice: Product Return & Fabulous Furniture – IELTS Reading Passage

You are advised to spend 20 minutes on Questions 1-13.

Questions 1- 4:

Read the information on The Medicine in the passage below. Do the following statements agree with the information in the passage?

In boxes 1- 4 on your answer sheet write:

     YES        if the statement agrees with the information
     NO         if the statement contradicts the information
     NOT GIVEN if there is no information about this in the passage

Example                                                                                              Answer

You must shake the bottle before you take the medicine.                      YES

The Medicine

• This medicine must be taken as directed.
• Before using, shake the bottle.
• Dose: 50ml to be taken twice daily after the midday and evening meals.

• Do not take this medicine on an empty stomach or immediately before lying down.
• If any of the following occur, discontinue taking the medicine and contact your doctor: dizziness, vomiting, blurred vision.
• This medicine is not available without a prescription and is not suitable for children under 5 years.
• Once you have begun to take this medicine you must continue to take it until the bottle is empty, unless advised otherwise by your doctor.
• Only one course of this medicine should be taken in a period of six months.
• Expiry date: 16 February 2004.

1. You should lie down after you have taken the medicine.
2. You must stop taking the medicine if your eyesight is affected.
3. You must stop taking the medicine when you feel better.
4. This medicine is suitable for a person of any age.

Questions 5-9

Look at the notice below. Using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER answer the following questions.

Write your answers in boxes 5-9 on your answer sheet.

Example                                                                  Answer
What has been found in some Fancy Foods              pieces of metal

5. Where can you find the batch number on the jars?
6. How much will you receive for an opened jar of contaminated Chicken Curry?
7. If you have eaten Chicken Curry from a jar with one of the batch numbers listed, whom should you contact?
8. What information do they ask you to provide about the jar of Chicken Curry you ate?
9. What is the maximum reward Fancy Foods is offering for information about who contaminated their product?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: PRODUCT RETURNFancy Foods wishes to inform the public that pieces of metal have been found in some jars of Fancy Foods Chicken Curry (Spicy). The batches of the Jars involved have numbers from J6617 to J6624. The batch number is printed on the bottom of each jar.

If you have any jars with these batch numbers, please return them (preferably unopened) to the supermarket where you purchased them. You can also return them to the factory (Fancy Foods Retailers, Blacktown). Fancy Foods will pay $10 for each jar returned unopened and $5 for each jar already opened.

No payment will be made for empty jars, which do not need to be returned. However, the company’s Retailing Manager will be interested to hear from people who have consumed chicken curry from any of the above batch numbers. In particular, it will be helpful if they can give information about the place of purchase of the product.

Jars of Fancy Foods Chicken Curry (Coconut) and Fancy Foods Chicken Curry (Mango) have not been affected and do not need to be returned.REWARDFancy Foods will pay a reward of $10,000 to $50,000 for information which leads to the conviction of any person found guilty of placing metal pieces in its products. If you have such information, please contact the Customer Relations Manager, Fancy Foods Retailers, Blacktown.

Questions 10-13

Look at the extract from a brochure below.
From the list of headings below, choose the most suitable headings for Sections C-F.
Write the appropriate numbers i-viii in boxes 10-13 on your answer sheet.

Example                                                                      Answer

Section A                                                                         vii

10.  Section  C
11.  Section  D
12.  Section  E
13.  Section  F

List of Headings

i. Payment options
ii. Save money by not paying interest
iii. Choosing your style of furniture
iv. Free advice on furnishing your home
v. Location of stores
vi. Applying for a card
vii. Ordering furniture from home
viii. A wide range of furniture

Fabulous Furniture

Section A

Have you ever wanted to buy a small bedside table? Or a dinner table for 20 people? If you want it, we’ve got it! Fabulous Furniture has Australia’s widest choice of furniture.

Section B

If you visit a Fabulous Furniture store, you can have your furniture – right now – using our Fabulous Furniture Credit Card. When you see something you really want, you can have it straight away, and pay later.

Section C

Unlike most cards, the Fabulous Furniture Credit Card offers a full 60-day interest-free period on every Fabulous purchase – no matter when you make your purchase. This leaves you with more money to spend on other things.

Section D

• You may choose to pay the full amount within 60 days. In this case, you pay no interest.
• You may spread your payments over a longer period. In this case, interest will be charged after the initial 60-day interest-free period.

Section E

Application is absolutely free! Nor are there any annual fees or administration fees. Just fill in the application form and bring it to your nearest Fabulous Furniture store. Your application will be processed promptly and you can begin making purchases immediately after your application is approved.

Section F

We have stores in every major city, so you’re never far away from a Fabulous Furniture store. For our addresses, just check in your local telephone directory.

1. NO
2. YES
3. NO
4. NO
5. (on the) bottom (of jar)
6. $5/five dollars
7. (company’s) Retailing Manager
8. place of purchase
9. $50,000
10. ii
11. i
12. vi
13. v
Note: Words in brackets are optional – they are correct, but not necessary.