Advantage and disadvantage of Internet Essay

In the first place, the internet is a global network connection developed to interlink the computers and their systems working. It has also been connecting the devices or gadgets to the world where their location and connection access allows them to link it anywhere and everywhere. The hubs and servers play a vital role as the service provider, and the users enjoy the connection to the websites and web pages only with access.

The late 1960s developed the very first prototype for the internet when the  ARPANET got introduced to the world. The introduction of World Wide Wave (WWW)  initiated the use of the internet developed in 1989 by Tim Berners Lee. Talking about the current situation, there have been various local internet service providers to international dealers who altogether provide service to the general people in respective areas.

As seen inflow of the internet in recent days, there are various advantages as well as disadvantages to the modern world with the introduction of the internet. Talking about the benefits, the internet is the primary source of online transactions. From having task assignments to educational classes, no online transaction is possible without the internet. Reaching to various work points would be time-consuming, but the internet has made it possible through online services and operations.

In addition to this, it has been a source of information and entertainment. From having updates of activities around the globe to access to various recreation, the internet has made the world possible within a click or a link. The world was vague and out of reach before the use of intent, but the access to the information and networking is a way more convenient with the use of the internet and the websites they store within.  

Contrary to this, the internet has been a store of negativity as well. Not only the health news and healthy tips, but the harmful contents in a criminal sense has also been rapidly flowing across the globe. Online issues and cybercrime has been significant spam in today’s days, which is solely based upon the internet. In the absence of the internet, the world would not have intertwined criminal networks and cyberbullying. 

Further, it has been a significant reason for distraction as it is a storehouse of a lot of exciting stuff for various age group people. This has hampered the habit of socialization, and people practice the virtual existence, which directly affects their health from having long term physical pain to emotional instability. The Internet has reduced the active living of humans and spread the root cause of a lot of crisis in terms of health and security. Privacy of information and data are being hampered at the most, and children and teenagers are being misdirected. 

Therefore, there has to be a proper flow of information about the appropriate use of the internet among the circle of people. If not, the flow of disadvantages would make the world suffer, and it would be a curse to the modern world. The Internet has been a one-stop solution for fulfilling the curiosities of humans. The Internet is a blessing to us if used appropriately and with proper mentorship to avoid unwanted hazards and threats to humanity.