Advantages and disadvantage of modern Invention Essay

In the first place, the modern invention refers to those simple machines, gadgets, and devices that have brought the technologies and energies into appropriate use. The generation of communicable means, electric appliances, internet-based gadgets, and equipment that helps our daily chores easier are the modern inventions. They are the outcome of a combination made between science and technology, available resources, and human tasks. Some of the common examples are vehicles, gadgets, refrigerators, tools, engines, the internet, machines, and so on.

Life was based on living components as the superior made them humans and animals work for them. In contrast, the transition existed from the development of things like optical lenses and electricity that gave the world a new direction. Life in the present days is beyond imagination in the absence of technology where modern inventions have brought a question mark to ancient lifestyles as they have developed living with ease. But they have created an abrupt effect in daily life too, which has been a threat to humanity. 

Talking about the advantages, access to information has been more convenient. Sending letters with the help of pigeons and even a postman has been a fairytale story and the modern world communicates with the people living in the exact opposite direction and has a live talk show too. This has brought the world within the access of humans through a tap or options for connection. Travelling was a dream before as people only remembered walking distance. Still, with the development of the facility of transportation, it has been a blessing to know the world and its amazing wonders.

Further, the dependence on the natural environment for rainfall and sunlight was a bit tedious for agriculture and industries too. Modern invention has brought a transition of irrigation facility and greenhouse farming with adjustable temperature for the growth of flora and vegetation. This has developed employment opportunities and innovations within people. The world has been reachable with widened opportunities for education, health facilities as well as self-development, and online classes. 

To this, there is a reduction in socialization due to modern inventions. People have been so focussed on gadgets and devices that the consequences have created a negative impact on the natural environment, and social life is at stake. The dependency on these innovations has made people so passive that it has been a health hazard and excessive lethargy. The physical effort is nil, but the actual destruction is being faced by a vision where eyes stare at the screen for so long that the people do not even regard themselves liable to stop pollution and other environmental hazards too.  

Besides,  world destruction and conflict are arising with the innovations of nuclear weapons and atoms bombs. The controlling strategies have been of no use as technologies are responsible for currents destructions or devastations. Inevitable cheating has been a widespread practice now, and life relies on shortcuts instead of efforts and actual use of mind. The developers use it more for being productive, but users are so passive and lazy, which makes them dependent on the developers even for a healthy lifestyle.

In the last place, modern inventions are blessings. Still, the excessive and unnecessary use of them is making the world at a stake of elimination and multiple threats to living beings. The destruction is significantly more than the number of promotional tasks. If the guidelines for proper and required use of technologies are not detailed to people, the risk of living will increase, and life with threats would be a common one on earth.