Causes and Effect of Pollution

Pollution refers to the state of contamination in the natural environment resulting through human actions. The degradation of the original quality of the natural environment and its aspects is pollution. The adverse changes made in the environment are mostly caused by human action and their initiative whereas the effect is what comes upon the living organism on earth. Pollution is a state born by actions that have been threatening the life of living beings on earth as a consequent effect.

Causes and Effect of Pollution

The major forms of pollution have been in the form of water, air, soil, and sound. The various components of an environment are being victimized by hurried activities of human beings with no vision of what happens next. The self-centred thinking of human beings has not only eliminated the life of rare animals and plants but also has raised a question against the life of our further generation.

Talking about the reason and result of the phenomenon (pollution), has been a trend from ages which one day would not result in greater disaster. Taking deforestation as a relevant example, people have been cutting trees for residential areas for the growing population. The cause seems to be population growth but as a consequence, the wildlife is eliminated from their natural habitat, have become rare species and some extinct from the earth.

The major causes of pollution have been population growth and unmanaged urbanization and industrialization. The growing population required the area of settlement and food production. Most of the settlement area has been taken away from forest areas. To make settlement area for humans, the common habitat for wildlife has been neglected and then the settlement is done by eliminating forest and greenery.

Deforestation is likely to happen due to this which consequently affects the water level on earth, sound, environment, and fresh air.

The industries are growing in numbers to utilize the outcomes of deforestation and make them in use of human needs, The growth in industries employs a growing population and hands them money to run their life but in fact, they use the non-renewable resources, fossil fuels from earth to operate their machines. The industries throw the waste back to the environment that degrades the quality which does not support good food production for consumption to humans and wildlife. Industrial waste is released back to air that pollutes the actual composition of air and causes breathing problems in living beings. The poor disposal of waste further adds risk to life by the unhealthy growth of organisms in the environment.

In the absence of trees, floods and landslides have become a common phenomenon every year during the season of rainfall. Due to lesser trees, the air we breathe is not adequately filtered and we are compelled to breathe in the filthy air which causes breathing problems, Bronchitis, skin diseases, and so on.

In addition to this, awareness and alertness is a crucial element to reduce pollution. When we are unaware of what will be resulted by our actions, we keep ourselves at the edge of the knife. Planned urbanization and separate industrial areas have to be created. Humans must be alert about their activities to avoid negative consequences that act as a threat to life on earth. The family size must be appropriate to avoid poor living and maintain a standard life by fulfilling basic needs like education and health. In this way, threats and causes of disease can be identified and the educated manpower can work together to create environment-friendly development by utilizing perpetual resources instead of non-renewable ones.

As the proved goes, “a stitch in time saves the nine”, the educated people have to emphasize on the adoption of eco-friendly development actions by minimizing the use of fossil fuels and plastics, non-degradable garbage in the environment. The sense of protection and promotion has to flourish relating them to earth as well as wildlife and rare species. The threats to the planet have to be identified before waiting for the consequence to happen. The maintenance of the natural green environment favours mankind as well as living species. In the absence of precautions and caring for the environment, the earth could not be a better place to live in.