Essay on Condition of Gender equality

Gender Equality refers to the form of social differentiation denoting the socio-cultural distinctions created between the male and females. The socially constructed framework created by humans to deal with sex differences is gender in simple words. Sex is the biological difference, whereas gender comes during the process of socialization depending upon the society you grow in.  The gender roles are not universal. There are changes in expected gender roles of a male or a female at present in response to the past and will give a different direction in the future. Gender is a parallel and socially unequal division created based on sex or biological difference of humans.

Gender inequality is the discretion created in a society based on masculinity and femininity.  The role is not universal and neither based on one’s physical or mental ability. The organization may alter the assigned task for a wife and a husband or a son and a daughter. Therefore, this is a significant cause of social inequality, stratification, and differentiation. The established gender roles create a framework within which the men and women gain their identities, formulate their goals, and carry out their training. The common trends are meant to be followed like men being the head of the family and a foundation for financial independence and women getting limited to the household chores and a family. The awareness about educating girls and women empowerment has been able to employ females in other productive tasks besides only household chores, but still, the social stigma is not reduced.

In addition to this, the condition of gender equality is a dream come correct phase in cities with today’s generation. However, while reaching the rural villages, mistreating girls are still in practice. The image of ancestors and their superstitious beliefs are highly respected. This doesn’t prevail in the concept of equality to flourish. The traditionally patriarchal society is a barrier, and underestimating women’s ability is still not avoided. The current scenarios are advancement in comparison to the previous one. Nevertheless, then this is not the state of gender equality as acts like unequal payment between men and women, sexual harassment to females, racism, and fear of judgments are still in existence. Women always hold the terror of mistreatment. This even affects the unborn baby girls and has been increasing the abortion rate. It is because society is not readily accepting females thinking about their weak gender roles and the benefits of having a so-called healthy human in the form of male.

To summarise it all, the condition of gender equality has been in implementation in the city. However, when it comes to the rural and semi-literate areas, gender equality is still a speculative theory. Changes are inevitable, and the condition of gender equality is a necessity. Thus, there have to be efforts made in education and establishing the concept of women empowerment to raise one’s status and focus on biological division rather than the socially created stratification. One has to be human in the form of a  female, male, and others, instead of a socially dominant gender. We should not hesitate to ask for the payment of your worth to promote a safe working area. There must be the admiration of the reproductive ability and erection of the state of being in a civilized world that has to be erected for a wise human existence.