Causes and Solution of Crime Essay

Initially, crime means the illegal acts committed with no validation assigned by the law of a state. Sin is a term that denotes the offensive actions that violate the necessary rights of people and creates a threat to society. They are the severe wrongdoing activities that create an unfavorable environment for growth and sustainability. Crime is not just a physical loss but also an emotional threat made to any living body on earth. Sin is not only the act of benefiting one but also degrading another’s status without having personal benefit. The crimes are of various types, which might affect the property and even sovereignty. 

Crime is something that has been growing with the growth of population and awareness. The traditional crime has been taking a different shape in modern time. Personal crime denotes the homicide or assault done to the living body, whereas burglary, robbery, theft, and shoplifting are property crimes. Statutory crimes are drug and alcohol-related crimes, traffic offenses, and white-collar crimes. Inchoate crimes are the crimes left incomplete but initiated like a conspiracy, aiding, and abetting. The fraud is a financial crime like embezzlement and cybercrime.

Firstly, crime is not just the outcome of an illegal brain set but also the consequence of unfavorable situations to stay in. One of the predominant causes of evil is the illiterate state of individuals, which makes them behave harshly with people and then conduct something illegal. The idea about one’s right and obligations are not flourished, which makes criminals have the healthy gut to do something wrong. The supervision or monitoring of one’s activity as a teen is necessary because this is how criminals evolve. The lack of proper guardianship and nurture to a child causes crimes.  

In addition to that, poverty has been a significant cause of crime in cities where access to basic needs is not possible with low group income. This causes financial crime, which is a threat to one’s property and life security. Criminals’ minds breed in economically unsustainable society and neighbors. This can relate to the situation with a lack of employment and access to education. The introduction of security and technical help to human life is beneficial, but then pros should flourish instead of cons. This is what has been causing cybercrime in today’s days. The fraudulent supreme court ruling also prevails in crime on a state level.

Elimination of unfavorable activities is necessary. This is to say that solutions for growing criminal activities are required. The most crucial solution would be the enforcement of essential and strict regulations in the country. This will control the flow of population or undesired migration, avoid conditions of underemployment, and criminal minds will not breed in the presence of sound economic activities. The strict policies can regulate urbanization and the primary sector of employment as well. The Supreme Court is dominant in the law; interpretation has to play a vital role by seeing the cases and making rules accordingly.

Further, cybersecurity and rules should be imposed in the state where online fraud prevails accordingly. The updated regulations must replace outdated ones. The time where a chip revolves within the group of criminals must have technical surveillance rather than just additional police and armed force. The proper infrastructures should be available to avoid unequal migration rates and economic threats. The parenting skills are essential among the group of parents to familiarize the nature wise grooming to their child and quality time in front of her parents or appropriate guardian.

As a whole, crime is the symbolic representation of the deteriorating situation of society. The growing rate of criminal activities denotes the degradation of the country’s policies and safety of life. The act of taking sexuality as fun and a source of entertainment has been raising physical abuse and prostitution, which harms the upcoming generation too. For this, the definition of crime should get a complete form and awareness should reach to the people to drop wrong does and wrongdoing intentions also.