Essay on Importance of Education

To begin with, education is enlightenment given to an individual to distinguish between good and bad and decide what is right and wrong. It is a process that facilitates learning to an individual and showering knowledge of the desired field to an individual or a group of individuals. Education is a basic necessity for living that upholds our level of understanding and enhances intellectual capacity. It is important not just to a child but also to the family, society, and country as a whole.

Learning never holds a boundary and education does not have a limitation. The formal process is through an institution but the importance of education resides in every aspect of living. As we earlier said that education is necessary for mankind or a child, we cannot imagine ethics, moral values, and wisdom in the absence of education. An individual cannot be a human as the education makes the disciples familiar with mankind familiar through education. Education gives the glances of ideas deciding the future of a child. Education enhances creativity as well that helps a child to develop skills within them. A family cannot imagine standard living in the absence of educated members as there would be no ethics and discipline maintained. We cannot meet the economy in the absence of educated manpower which is a necessity for family well being as well. For the betterment of a child who acts as a member of a family, education is important to every child for better family composition and attainment of human virtues in life.

The country composed of multiple societies, education is important to society to guide the right and wrongdoers in the locality. There can be a transformation of superstitious practice and unnecessary culture into a wise one only by the educated member. This is why education is important to society. In the absence of education, the state of living gets ruined by pessimists who tend to harm the other members rather than promoting social good. When there is a promotion of social good, a country can be proud of a good citizen who can be a better representative of a nation and lead one. The pressurized member can raise their confidence and stand for themselves by proving the intellectual capacity only with education. Getting a valuable job and knowing the government procedure is possible only with education. The formulated law can be in action only by educated citizens or else they are not depicted well. Also, there can be a solution to the problem of unemployment only with education.

As a whole, education is a tool of living that is essential in every field we enter or stay in. A stable and comfortable life is possible only with education whereas it enables us to attain safety and security. Education hands over the confidence and the concept of equality. Thus, education is a tag that clarifies us as social beings.