Essay on Importance of Family

Family is the group of individuals sharing common ancestors, living together, it is usually composed of parents and their children. It has major types that include a set of parents or grandparents or the family with a single parent with his/her children. The formation is possible with the relation of blood/ kinship, marriage, or adoption. There is a connection between the members sharing the same kitchen and living under the same roof. A family is the first institution a human gets into and continues life.

A society is composed of many families. A family is a group of individuals whereas society is the group of families living within a specific area and cooperating. May by nature cannot stay alone. As a social animal, they need people around to communicate and collaborate to fulfill the basic requisites of life. Family is the bond we live from the day we are born in this world. The people who take care of us and help us to grow are what we call family which consequently become lifelines for living a life. Family plays a vital role in determining the success or failure of an individual as they act as a support system and a source of encouragement in life.

The main importance of family is to nurture a child. A child cannot be capable of tackling the world as soon as they get birth. In this case, the family is the one who takes care of a child, showers love and affection, makes them adapt social ethics and values whereas supports them in exploring the fields of their interest. Therefore, the family helps to develop a child into a complete human by guiding the child and enhancing their intellectual capacities by supporting them with basic requirements of life and admiration in further days. A family facilitates a child to organize life and acts as a psychological strength in tackling various obstacles in life.  

In addition to this, the family provides social security to the child and helps in retaining the subsistence of humanity. A human cannot be a social being in the absence of a family. From having basic needs fulfilled to an educated path, family showers the spiritual influence in life that is necessary for the long run. Financial support is necessary for the growth and development of an individual who is born by the family. In the absence of economic support, an individual cannot imagine a life where meeting the basic needs would be difficult. The basic skills like communicating, networking are also taught by the family. The family is the first school and mentors in our life.

As a whole, the ultimate source of happiness, life skills, guidance, finance, encouragement, admiration, and strength. The members create a bond from the birth which does not fade away but grows and develops as a child does in the presence of family. The family inserts a  soul into an immature body with appropriate guidance and good mentorship. Therefore, the family is a blessing that comes with life.