Essay on Importance Of Leisure Time

In simple words, leisure is the free time of an individual life besides their busy schedule. Generally, the holidays with no piled-up tasks or the not occupied days are the leisure time. Leisure is the form of freedom from domestic chores, professional life or business activities, education, or health complications with a relieved mind and no pending tasks. The time of unpaid duties is also not reflected by leisure as you get occupied by some of the other household chores and even babysitting. Thus, leisure is the untouched time by any physical activity.

Pursuing this further, leisure is not a weekly time in one’s life. The schedule of the current generation has been so occupied that leisure is almost eliminated from their monthly routine. A lot of times, strugglers or established personalities go through severe emotional traumas as they lack self-time in their life. They become so occupied with their tasks and homely chores that they forget about their interest and neglect what they love, focusing on what others want them to get attached to. Thus, the prior importance of leisure time in one’s life is for self-realization. This allows one to think about what they are doing and decide whether they are going on the desired track or not. The frustrated or panicked mind often allows us to do a lot of things that are not planned or desired by ourselves. During this phase, leisure allows us to think about it and work on them well. 

In addition to this, the exploration of one’s interest gets a priority during leisure. We often end the passion due to professionals’ economy playing a vital role. The suppressed interest can get into the limelight or the un-successful plans of traveling or exploring get evolved with leisure. The fresh entry back to the work or regular lifestyle is possible only with leisure time in life. After all, leaving the regular bag of office, institution, family, domestic works, and gadgets is important to realize how happy life can be in absence of them and in the presence of a real lovable individual or the environment where one always wanted to be. The allocation should not be made into a routine with hours set but there has to be freedom to be yourself apart from what the situation wants you to be or fit in the role.

In the final analysis, a healthy relationship, a balanced life, a proper reliable profession, and a happy family is possible only with an emotionally and physically stable individual. In this regard, leisure allows you to realize what has been missing in my life and what you need to achieve so far. Leisure is a time taken by an individual to explore themselves and make a to-do list or go through the already made one. Hence, leisure is a key for a happy life and a necessity for a busy schedule because humans cannot live a life of machines and emotional stability requires relieving actions.