Essay on Importance Of Knowing Civilization/History

To start with, history means an illumination of the soul and the evolution of humans for decades. It is a wide area that involves the civilization of humans and the phases they have come through. History is a series of past actions and activities whereas civilization is the society that has been in existence since history. Civilization refers to the culture, ethics, traditions, and behavior that belong to human society. History is a detailed study of civilization. History and civilization go hand in hand where both go with a progression and human civilization acts as a significant element of history. The civilization and the transitions are being explained by historians and hold a deep-rooted relationship with each other.

Firstly, the study of history/ civilization is important to us because we have to know the foundation we belong to and understand the evolution pattern that happened before the existence of generations. The study of history is important because it helps us understand people and societies. We cannot estimate the series of actions just the way it was but history allows us to have a glance on a factual basis. There has been a civilization of people from stage age to modern cities which are well explained by history. At the same time, the transition of societies is also given detail by the study of history and historical stories. The study of history gives a perfect clarification to the change of society and the phases of understanding levels of humans. Thus, it is important to know ourselves is the way we have reached the current level of advancement.

Secondly, the efforts made to know history contributes to knowing our identity. If we ignore history, the evolution given by Charles Darwin would be of no use and present was the only thing human focussed. The existence of social institutions like families, society is also provided by history. We know the development of rural areas and infrastructures because of history. In addition to this, history contributes to moral understanding. Human beings, the only social animal, are morally good as history reflects the transition. The analytical behavior of individuals flourishes with a keen interest in knowing history because it is based more on facts rather than the only statement of the historians. Therefore, good citizenship develops with knowledge of history and civilization.

As a whole, the importance of knowing history or civilization is to know our own lives and the way we have been living for ages. Knowledge of history gives the decision-making ability, as well as critical understanding,  a direction because we understand the reference of what happened before estimating the consequence and analyzing the outcomes beforehand. So, the history evolves the feeling of appreciation and the ability to understand each other as this gets backed with a hidden series of actions. Hence, the world of work is incomplete without knowing history and civilization.