Essay on Importance of Physical Exercise

“Many doctors say that people in today’s world do not do enough physical exercise. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions are there to this problem?”

To begin with, Physical exercise is a necessity to regulate body mechanism. The involvement of muscles, bones, stretches, weight lifting are some technical terms that make a better lifestyle altogether. The recent WHO report states that the lack of physical exercise is a primary reason for growing illness among the people. The World Health Assembly adopted  “Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health”  in 2004. Still, educated individuals have just been switching the direct and increasing intake of healthy foods but not maintaining physical activity. Several causes hinder the attention towards physical exercise that creates adverse effects on our health. 

Firstly, the modern world is dependent on technology and intellectual capacities more than the physical ability and traditional working mechanism. People are being subjected to gadgets and information technology to do major working activities to live a luxurious life. Stress is joint in every action we do for a living, but the medium shifted from physical movement to the fingertips and intellectual capacities. The primary cause of decreasing physical exercise in today’s world is being money-oriented and wealthy. People tend to avoid discomfort and hate sweating and social integration as well. Elevators are highly prioritized instead of stairs to save time and utilize them in some productive tasks.

Secondly, healthy life has been re-defined as the hygienic one with less interaction and more effort. The efforts are techno-friendly that make a stressed mind but a relaxed body. The Internet has narrowed the world with a reduction made in people’s lifestyle and their physical exercise and created a global platform for people to learn in various ways. The time is money where people are being focussed on productive tasks with short term benefits and have been agreeing to the advancement made by technology without knowing its cons on our health.

Switching some of our habits to the traditional lifestyle would also contribute to increasing physical ability. The reports of an inactive lifestyle are transparent to publish, but there is a necessity of engagement that is hitting hard on people’s lifestyles. There are simple techniques we could use to add up some physical exercise, even in our busy schedule. While the profession wants us to be techno-friendly, we can be a bit active in personal life. Walking instead of using a vehicle or making a workout routine does less harm at a  young age. This will consequently become a habit even in our busy schedule.  

In addition to this, there has to be a habit of accepting discomfort. Let’s not hate sweating, and messy hair, but adoption to self refreshment is far more fruitful. Simple machines should only be a solution for necessity despite ignoring physical ability. Household chores can be full of physical strength instead of electric appliances. In a case where workout time in the gym is not possible, simple healthy habits are achievable with basic stretches and physical postures. Cycling instead of driving, sweeping instead of vacuum, dancing instead of watching cover videos are some simple tips we can do if we lack a gym membership and even time.

To summarise it all, health must be a priority. The growing age has to contribute to increasing physical ability with mental functioning so that old age can be happily lived. If we have a passive lifestyle as an adult, then we cannot imagine self-reliance during our lives. Burning calories is not easy, but piling them on our body creates a lot of complications. Thus, an agency must digest the heavy diet with physical exercise, and sports should be a habit, not just a fun activity to watch on television.