Essay on Work life Balance

Parents want to achieve a balance between family and career but only a few manage to achieve it. What do you think is the reason?

Discuss possible solutions and provide examples.

From having cared and fulfilled basic needs to be in a  field of interests and a choice, the family is the support system that nurtures a child. Composed of very close members with a relationship as kinship, marriage, or adoption, the family is the source of strength, economy, happiness, and encouragement. Family mentors and facilitates access to education and a key to dream or a line to reach the profession. Therefore, we can say that career is all possible because of a family.  

Secondly, being a parent is the phase of the individual that comes as a decision. A career is something one lives for. From the day of admission to a school to have an opportunity to enter into a specific field, we aim to be something and join accordingly. Some name it as a profession whereas some call it a career. A career in simple words is a vocation that hands over a profession to an individual within their field of study and experience. A lot of couples think about taking a break from their career and having a child.

Having a family of your demands a lot of additional responsibilities where a career should not only be a priority. The major obstacle is time management where parenting should also be a priority instead of a profession. A lot of times, one feels like they need to stay home and look after a child with full dedication. Mothers usually get used to household chores and end up their career after having huge changes in the schedule. In addition to this, the breakage point is the lack of support from in-laws and even the scenario sometimes. A break to the career demotivates an individual and makes them shift their interest and develop a new one. 

Pursuing this further, there has to be a genuine determination in life. You cannot excel in the absence of the feeling of working again even after a break. The time or shift should be feasible. It is all about willpower to have proper time management. Personal life does affect the professional one but then this should be wise by imposing the pre hand plans about what next. You can prepare yourself economically beforehand so that a decision in a hurry will not question your career. There are a lot of living examples in our society who sacrificed their career and stayed home for the sake of the family.

In addition to this, the parents who are maintaining a balance between the family and career are highly satisfied as they have not demotivated themselves. The possible solution can be a secondary job despite having a career switch. After a break, you can carry your studies further and add up an experience or upgrade a degree for your studies and add up a plus point. There can be the provision of working from home during free time. Communication is very important to make the family understand how important one’s career is. In this way, parents can make a balance between their career and family. Having a break or making home guardians available, one should do what feels like an appropriate alternative instead of ending up a career in a dilemma.

To summarise it all, challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. The support system within the family or a couple has to be strong to rely upon and move both family and career in a positive direction. Taking a break is not an end but an opportunity to realize what we are missing out in life. In the world of the internet, self-exploration and home-based experience has been accessible. Also, self boosting courses can help one update themselves in their preferred field. An optimistic view and can help parents to achieve them and explore wide options for a career that will not let themselves down invite a level of dissatisfaction.