Global Warming Cause, Effect And Solution Essay

In simple words, global warming is changing the surface temperature in a way that affects the existence or survival of living beings and natural cycles. In detail, global warming is the gradual and restrained increase in the surface temperature of the earth and its atmosphere generally characterized by the greenhouse effects causing the rise in levels of chloro-fluorocarbons (CFCs), carbon dioxide and various pollutants. It is a phenomenon that modifies the natural cycle on earth and creates weather imbalances and ecosystems in the long run.  

Despite the greenhouse effect being a natural phenomenon, human activities on earth create the restrained rise. Deforestation is a major cause of global warming as the forests play a vital role in maintaining the natural environment on earth. Fossil fuels and mining have also caused global warming as they don’t have a finished process of settling down the destroyed mines after obtaining fossil fuels. Intensive farming affects the actual state of soil and hampers earth and human lives too. Lack of proper waste management and overconsumption of non-biodegradable goods are causing global warming the most.

Further, those issues affect biodiversity on earth and hamper the natural habitat of various livestock. The floras and faunas cannot have a suitable environment to live in and the rise in temperature affects human lives too. Oceans are also most affected by global warming as they face acidification. The acid rain causes great harm to monuments and ancient sculptures to the cultural heritages too. Weather and seasons are not as timely as the biological eco cycle on earth are being affected due to global warming. So, climatic imbalances, oceanic traumas, and loss of biodiversity affect human life.

To cut these causes and avoid the effects of global warming,  we must encourage the use of renewable resources on earth. The alternative has to be set for the use of fossil fuels and renewable energy must get a priority. The motivation factor should act upon the use of sustainable transportation and environment-friendly generations to eliminate pollution on land, water, and air. This helps to promote the natural environment with no effects on environmental composition. We must promote the formula of R (Reduce, reuse, recycle)  in daily life, and with no underestimation of water efficiency as it is a perpetual resource on earth. Besides, an introduction of organic farming is beneficial to producers as well as consumers, and agricultural management should be a matter of concern for everyone.